Is it too early to give up on 2021? Asking for a friend.

Is it too early to give up on 2021? Asking for a friend.

Soooooo, it’s January 7th, we rang in 2021 quietly, without any big fanfare, hoping to ease into it without any trouble.

We tempered our regular enthusiasm that this was going to be “our year”, worried that we may have played a small part in the shit show that has been 2020; maybe we rang in 2020 with too many hopes and dreams? No, we weren’t going to have any part in jinxing 2021.

Let’s do a recap of 2021, it will be quick since it’s only JANUARY 7th!

The first day or two were great, we binged watched Bridgerton, which for any male readers who weren’t forced to watch, is a cross between a Jane Eyre movie, Gossip Girl with hints of Fifty Shades of Grey; it was lovely! lol

Then, a few days into the new year, reality crashed in when most civilized countries went back to various forms of lockdown. My own little part of the world, that had been one of the safest places to be for most of 2020, is now back in the orange phase, which for those who don’t follow the colour phases, orange is not good! We are back down to single household bubbles.

I am not going to spend much time talking about Covid, because it’s way too heartbreaking, but I will say that the vaccines that we were so excited about right before Christmas, now look like they are going to take longer to get everyone pricked than first thought.

Moving onto Tuesday night, Jan 5; all of Canada, settled in with our Molson beer, poutine and chips, to watch Team Canada play in the World Juniors Hockey Tournament’s gold medal game. For my non Canadian friends, this tournament happens every year, it usually starts on or around Boxing Day; and it’s the most watched hockey tournament of the year, every year.

Canadians, normally low key, humble and polite, allow ourselves to get a little cocky once a year. This year was no exception, our team was poised to bring home another gold medal for us; and long story short, we lost to the US.

Yes it’s a lot of pressure to put on our young team and for that we are sorry, we feel so bad for them, but mostly we feel bad for us…did I mention that we lost to the US?? I am not going to lie, we really like beating the US at hockey, like really, really like it.

And for those watching the big game, in my area, the emergency alarms on our phones and televisions were going off to alert us that there was some loser lose with a gun in our beautiful little city. So after double checking the locks on our doors and trying to keep our PTSD at bay, we resumed watching the game hoping it would be a positive diversion…ugh. Side note, he was caught the next day.

This brings us to Jan 6th, we woke up tired and a bit cranky, but we willed ourselves to power on and to make Jan 6 super great! This maybe a good time to casually mention that I started my “healthy eating” Jan 5th. I meant to start Jan 1st, but for various, super valid reasons, it kept getting pushed back.

Ok so it’s still Jan 6th, I am working from home, as I have been since March. I usually have my TV on with the volume very low during the day. I like hearing voices in the background, maybe it reminds me of being in the office with people? Who knows? I mute while on conference calls obvs.

My desk faces the window, so I have my back to my TV. I can hear the US getting ready to vote in their new president, or something to that affect. It’s basically white noise, I am not paying attention to any of the details. I mute the TV when my back to back to back conference calls start.

I am not sure if there was some sort of time warp or WTF happened? But when I finished for the day and turned around to see my TV screen, the US was being hit with an attempted coup. Like a third world coup… in the US…our neighbor.

My old, Jan 4th self, would have dove into a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. My new Jan 5th self was stress eating carrots and sucking on individual chocolate chipits; my nightly treat is a tablespoon of chocolate, that may be TMI? I am not sure where the boundaries are anymore?

I am a fairly positive person by nature and at this very moment I am positive that I have no idea WTF is going on? But today, Jan 7th, the sun rose like it always does…ok, I am assuming it rose, it’s super cloudy out there, but it is bright, so going with; the sun rose! I am going to try to make Jan 7th the best day that it possible can, while self isolating in my house, alone with my carrots.

It’s still early in the year, I think we can turn this around…right?

Stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy! Thank you for reading.



(P.S. my blogs are not political or meant to be debated, this was an attempt at a tongue and cheek review of the first 7 days of 2021. I already feel better getting this off my chest, I hope you feel a little better after reading it?)

PPS I usually have super cute pics in my posts, but 2021 isn’t inspiring many cute pics so far.

Love, Full Circle

Love, Full Circle

The holidays brings on a tone of feelings and emotions for a lot of us; I wanted to take a moment and speak to all those out there currently caring for aging parents.

The other day I saw an old family friend, Michelle, walking with her dad; he is well into his 80’s. She and her sister, having lost their mother years ago, have been helping care for their dad for awhile now.

Michelle and her dad were walking and chatting away, it made me think about my own dad and made me feel happy and sad at the same time.

Having to care for an aging and/or sick parent evokes lots of emotions; to see the people who cared for you aging and needing you to care for them is odd at first…ok it’s just plain odd all the time.

When my dad was sick and even now as my mom, who is still fully independent, but aging and is needing us more, people often make comments about how lucky he/she is to have me/us and how good, kind, caring….I/we are (my fake sister Ginette is part of “us/we”).

I am certain Michelle and Shary, as well as, my cousin Tania who helped care for her mom, get or got the same types of comments; how lucky your parents are to have you.

The truth of the matter is that we are lucky, lucky to have had parents who loved us and cared for us. That’s how we were raised so it only makes sense that we would now, when needed, help care for them.

I use the term caring, because I like how it sounds, I don’t much like taking care of, like it’s a burden. I kind of like to think of it this way; that the amount of love and caring you received growing up is the love and caring that you give back.

I’m fully aware that a lot of people had really shitty parents, but are still loving and caring people. What I guess I am trying to say is that I was so blessed with so much love by my parents that caring for them is a no brainer, it’s just my turn.

Is it easy to have to help your dad get in and out of the car, the man who was so strong, like, really, really strong? No it fucking sucks and it’s heartbreaking, but you do it and whatever else is needed, because that’s love.

One day my dad was feeling bad and I am sure he felt like he was being a burden, I told him it was payback for all the times he was there for us, and that I was still falling short and would owe him forever; he seemed to laugh at my payback comment and saw the logic in my thinking.

To all of you out there doing your best to care for everyone, I love that you love so hard. I know it’s not always easy, but the strength you are exhibiting comes from a solid foundation of love built up over the years. And depending on your individual situation, it can seem like a thankless, lonely place to be at times; those feelings are valid, please remember that you are only human and you do have limitations.

For those who haven’t had the honor of showing unconditional love in that way yet, I hope you don’t get your turn; oh how nice would it be for things to end nicely and neatly, but that’s has not been my experience.

Love is messy, it’s fills you with joy and then breaks your heart, like shatters it in a million little pieces, but that’s life. I think that those who get to the end the most dirty have had the fullest lives (metaphorically, obvs, lol).

Can we just take a moment to be extra supportive to those who find themselves in the position of caring for kids, parents and other loved ones? It’s not a burden, it’s an act of love damn it!!

I would like to dedicate this quickie, yet heartfelt post to all the Michelle’s, Shary’s, Ginette’s, Tania’s, Maneau’s, Brigitte’s, Josette’s…out there.



2020…next!!! A quick review on how we survived.

2020…next!!! A quick review on how we survived. 

Well 2020 was 12 months with a decades worth of stuff jammed packed into it. 
It included apocalyptic stuff of nightmares really. It still boggles my mind when I think of how the world seems to have stopped turning….oh shoot, I hope I didn’t just jinx us? The world can’t really stop turning… right???!!

I think we need to send 2020 off quietly, respectfully and properly, as to not piss it off. This post doesn’t include any big plans, hopes or dreams for 2021; no, let’s not rock the boat. 

Instead let’s take a quick look back at how things changed and how we coped and managed to stay connected and somewhat sane…ish. 


Turns out during a global pandemic, grooming is the first thing to go. Jeans and any kind of none stretchy pants were deemed none essential early on. I remember years and years ago, there was a debate at work; were leggings pants? We decided that leggings were not pants, wow we were so wrong on that one. Turns out leggings are appropriate for any and all occasions. 

While locked in our homes for months some of us let our hair grow, some of us let our roots grow out, while others recruited their significant others to cut and or dye their hair. My friend “made” her bf give her highlights, he did a great job, but was sooo nervous, oh the pressure on his shoulders!!! 

I dyed my hair pink, it looked good for two whole days until I washed it and then looked yucky and lasted longer than it was supposed to. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 28d61e24-ad24-4232-a7ae-5e6a013f83a6.jpeg

I started “harassing” my hairdresser around week 7th or 8th of lockdown. It turns out my mental state is directly connected to my roots, who knew? Long story short, I was her first client when salons were allowed to re-open. 

My hair was down to my elbows; it needed of a good cut, and by good cut, I mean I cut a good ten inches off. Side note, want it long again, there is no winning. 

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On the male side, shaving became redundant, beards have never been more popular. 


Zoom became part of our lives this past year. It was a way for us to stay connected. My girlfriend, Nadine, set up weekly Zoom calls for us. I have to admin that I was a bit reluctant at first to jump on the Zoom train, but they turned out to be so much fun once we got the hang of them. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6cbd22f7-20d5-4f00-9af2-e1cff9aa3424.jpeg

I may get in trouble for posting this pic, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. This was our eighties side ponytail walk down memory lane. What I loved about our calls is that we didn’t just sit there and chat, we would get up and leave, come back, walked around and showed dumb stuff off, they were our lifeline to each other. 


If we wanted to sum up 2020 in one photo, it would be a pic of a banana bread; a close second would be a loaf of sourdough bread, lol. We cooked and baked, like a lot! The local supermarkets in my area were pretty well stocked, until you went down the baking aisle; flour and chocolate chips were in high demand! 

Ordering takeout this year became a show of support and solidarity for local restaurants. I felt it was part of my civic duty to order takeout a few times a week. 

One of the great things, yes there were a few, is that families were forced to spend time together. Family meals and old school board games have made a big comeback. 


Social media was full of people living their best, healthiest lives, and that was awesome…for them!! Some of us, maybe most of us, struggled, I was one of those. Covid 19 became the new freshman 15 and it wasn’t limited to freshman apparently.  

What helped me, somewhat balance the copious amounts of chocolate I was consuming, was that I was able to meet up with two of my bffs to walk, while socially distancing of course. Our biggest challenge was that one of us is a low talker, lol. Being outside is/was so therapeutic, just breathing fresh air helped manage our moods.

On every walk I took a selfie when we reached our turnaround point. I deleted most of the pics and now I wish I would have kept them all, here are a few that I saved. 

By the spring bicycles were hot items, I bought this pretty pink one.

It was really weird cruising downtown, it was a ghost town. I half expected a zombie to pop out and chase me down Queen Street.


We found a special way to celebrate birthdays this year; birthday car parades became a thing. I was blessed to have one in my honor and it was way more meaningful than one might think. I’ve never felt so close to my friends even though I couldn’t hug them. Side note, my brother, who was in my bubble, came out of his car and gave me a hug, since I was standing there crying, six feet away from everyone. Which made me cry even more since he isn’t a big hugger, so it was extra special.


This pic below, was a special socially distant birthday dinner for two in a garage, loved it!! Side note, having to do things differently sometimes makes them feel more special. Maybe it’s because it takes a bit more effort, which shows how much we are loved?

One of the things that broke my heart was that the Class of 2020 was robbed of all the normal celebrations that we’ve all gotten to experience. No proms, no big graduation ceremonies or parties. The pic below is of my nephew leaving his high school experience behind.

For his graduation he was allowed to have four people in attendance. We arrived, they called his name, he walked on stage, then walked out. It took less than 5 minutes. We were so proud of him, yet felt sad for him at the same time.

I need to say that his generation of supposed “snowflakes” are far tougher than they have been given credit for. Love you so much Jack and so proud of you!!!

This pic below was a small backyard family gathering for my bff’s daughter, who also graduated this year. We took a quick 2020 selfie; by June we were allowed to gather in small groups.



2020 showed us the importance of communities and how we are responsible to help each other. My coworkers and I organized a food drive parade as a way to give back to our community. Even though most of us, at the time, were temporarily laid off, we felt fortunate that we would have jobs to return to. Not everyone had that sense of security.

We were hoping for 30 cars, we lost count at 150 cars. I think most of those who participated would admit that we got more out of it than we feel we gave? People were hanging out of their car windows talking to each other. Some were gathered on the grass or road catching up while respecting social distancing. It was sooooo nice to see each other.

With the vaccine being rolled out, let’s dare to hope that 2021 will be kinder to all of us. But in the meantime and moving forward we need to continue to shop local, support and be kind to each other; in brief, don’t be an asshole! lol

Thank you for reading and sharing.



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Have yourself a retro little Christmas

Have yourself a retro little Christmas

I’ve been on a nostalgic kick for the past few months. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more time at home to reflect and reminisce…ugh, soooo much time at home!!

I started looking at old family photo albums, it’s nice to see young versions of our parents and grandparents. They all look so glam and fancy; I’m missing fancy these days, not enough to change out of my fav sweatshirt that I’ve been wearing since March though, lol. 2020 has definitely made us embrace casual and comfort, maybe a little too much?

This post is all about reminiscing about Christmases of the past and sharing those memories with your kids or letting your parents or friends share theirs with you.

Top left my aunt helping me put the star on the tree, next is me helping my mom decorate our tree. Yes that’s my dad spraying fake snow on our tree.. ah who misses fake snow? All these pics were Christmas 1971.

I love retro 50’, 60’ & 70’s vibes. It’s funny how I used to think that the 70’s were really the worst looking decade, but now I look back at pics from that time and I am digging it!

After I was done looking at family pics I started looking at retro Christmas pics; I happened upon pictures of women all dressed up sitting next to their Christmas trees. I love these, they aren’t just lovely ladies sitting next to trees, they are a snapshot in time. And I’d like to bring this fade back!

This is my mom, looking glam, sitting next to their tree. It was 1960, she was 16, omg love her dress!!

I was inspired to take off my yoga pants…temporarily and put on my fancy skirt long enough to take my own fancy tree pic.

I love old Hollywood blonde bombshells, I didn’t find any glam ladies wearing all black, but that’s pretty much all I have in my closet. I did my best to channel a retro vibe. If I do this again next year, I’ll find a red or pastel coloured dress.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1a816929-b8d5-451e-87fd-44af53a344a1.jpeg
I swear to god my tree is bigger than it appears here, lol. My ceilings are so freaking high, it makes everything look small.

One thing missing from my tree pic was tones and tones of tinsel! Sure tinsel was made with led, which turned out to be bad for children and pets, but man it looked cool! And wow the phrase more is more certainly applied to the amount of tinsel needed per tree, it was definitely a look.

My friend Sandra got on my nostalgic train and dug out this pic of their tree in all its tinsel and garland glory, it’s awesome!!

I’ve posted a few of these retro pics on my Facebook page and I’ve had a bunch of people tell me that they’ve been looking at their old family pics too. One friend said that they will be digging out their old family home videos and will be watching them together, as a family, on Christmas Day.

Hey, how many of you remember those old, huge, film cameras with the bright light that made everyone being filmed squint? There was no sound, and when played back, it looked a little bit like everything was in fast forward mode.

I visited my friend Josette this week, she showed off a few of her vintage Christmas tree ornaments that have been handed down to her. It’s nice to have so many memories hanging on your tree; it also helps to remind us of those who are no longer with us.

How many remember these hanging on your parents or grandparents trees? I have two that survived and are hanging on my tree.

2020 has been challenging to say the least, but I think it has forced us to slow down our pace, giving us ample time to reflect. A lot of us seem to be looking back on our childhoods and simpler times. Perhaps looking to the past is so comforting at this time because the future seems so uncertain?

Whatever the reason, I suggest you ask your parents to look through their old albums with them and let them tell you their stories and really listen, it’s super interesting. And then sit with your kids and show them your childhood photo albums; I am certain that they will find it amusing to see you as a child and teenager. If you have special tree ornaments or decorations, share their stories, who’s they were, when they were given to you…

I think taking the time to look back on happy Christmases of the past is a really great thing to do this holiday season!



Bonus pic, I saw this photo, which was the cover of playboy in Dec 1966 and thought it was groovy and would be fun to try to emulate it? Then one of the Kardashians posted their version of it, so I decided to go ahead and try it too. I am not sure how well I did, but it was fun to play with lots of eye makeup. I had also back combed my hair a bit, but my pouffe didn’t stay pouffed, lol.

I had a lot of glitter in my hair, but it wasn’t nearly enough
so my friend added more digitally. I kind of look like a 60’s Christmas mug shot?? lol.
This is the original pic larger, I think she is beautiful, she def pulls off the green eye shadow.

Shop Local – Gusto Italian Grill & Bar

Shop Local – Gusto Italian Grill & Bar

This is the first in a series of posts that I hope to do more of, the goal is to highlight locally owned businesses. If you don’t live in my area, you may as well keep reading since you’ve already started, lol.

This week I have a challenge for you. The challenge is for you to find a restaurant, in your area, that is now offering weekly grocery boxes and buy one!

What I love the most about this idea is that we can directly and immediately help support our local restaurants, who are working their butts off to keep the lights on in these crazy times.

The other thing I love about this idea is that, I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty sick of my own cooking! I am running out of ideas on what to cook, I am always using the same spices so after awhile everything starts to taste the same. Getting a grocery box forces you to think outside the box; sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol.

I am going to make it really easy for my fellow Monctonians by suggesting that you give Gusto Fresh Market Boxes a try. From Judson’s, to Boomerang’s to City Grill to Gusto’s, Brett Judson has been in business on Westmorland Street in downtown Moncton for decades!!! And he and his team have always supported our community. Side Note – In March when the lock down first started, he donated hundred and hundreds of pieces of cheesecakes to both regional hospitals for their frontline workers.

Guylaine showing off her newly painted exterior, in addition to being responsible for the décor inside and outside, she also leads Gusto’s Fresh Market Program.

During the initial shutdown, in the spring, Gusto started offering curbside pick up in order to compensate for the loss of income caused by the in-dining restrictions; all restaurants have had to reduce the number of tables in order to follow the social distancing rules. This has been a huge hardship on all restaurants and bars.

The idea of offering Grocery or Market Boxes is trending in most cities; it’s a way for restaurants to make up for some of the business that they are losing on a daily basis because they can no longer fill their restaurants with patrons.

Gusto’s Fresh Market Boxes are an amazing value! They are different from week to week, this week’s box contents are listed below. (for the week of Nov 30 to Dec 4). Anyone who knows Brett knows that you never leave his home or his restaurant hungry, the same can be said for Gusto’s boxes. They are jam packed with high quality products and meats!

I’ve already ordered my box for this Saturday, none of these items are on my regular boring rotation, I am excited to pick it up! This would also make a perfect holiday gift or if you someone in your family or a close friend lost their job due to Covid buy them a box!!

Last week, I got the opportunity to help the Gusto team prepare the boxes. I was the top labeler and I think it’s safe to say that I nailed it!! Ok, full disclosure, their Fresh Market goods are in bags and not boxes, but bags are better for the environment, says me. Plus Fresh Market Bags, doesn’t sound as snazzy.

That’s me, bottom left, taking my job very seriously!! I had a very efficient system set up, lol.

How can you order?

You can place your order directly on their website: Orders must be received by 5pm on Thursdays, box pick ups are Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. Just pull into the Gusto parking lot, Guylaine and staff will be there ready to assist you. Pop your trunk and they will place your items in your car for you.

One happy Gusto customer picking up his grocery box. I actually work with him and funny story, he didn’t have an issue posing for this pic, but as you can see he is hiding his license plate. He was in an accident with a moose and was driving this rental with Ontario plates. If you are from the former Atlantic Bubble, you know why he was trying to hide his pate, lol.

Thank you for reading, I will finish with a mini rant, similar to my mini rant in my previous post. Please be mindful that our local restaurants, bars and businesses have always been the first ones we, the community, turns to for team sponsorships, school fundraisers… and they have always been supportive; they now need our help, so it’s our turn to give back and wow what a big sacrifice for us, to eat amazingly good food, seriously poor us!!

If you are fortunate enough to not have had your job or paycheck impacted by Covid, it’s your duty to support others in our community who haven’t been as lucky. Most places have daily specials in order to help drive business, so check out their social media sites. And the fresh market and grocery boxes that local restaurants are selling are a great value, as they are able to offer products at a lower cost than in the grocery stores, so keep that in mind. You are saving money while helping your community.

Thank you so much, let’s take one for the team and eat out more!! And here’s an idea that my friend Stacey’s family are doing, they order out every Friday night, each week they take turns deciding what restaurant to order from. What a great opportunity to try new places and eating as a family is a gift in itself. OH, one last thing, when you do pick up takeout or eat in, tip your wait staff double what you normally would…I think that’s all for now?



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These are a few of my fav things! The Christmas, buy local, edition.

These are a few of my favorite things, the Christmas, buy local, edition.

So it may not exactly feel like the most wonderful time of the year, but at this point, does anything feel the way it’s supposed to feel? So let’s get past that and make this, 2020 holiday season, wonderful in its own, unique, messed up way.

My 2020 favorite holiday things list is very diverse, it’s got gift ideas, but it also includes a few things that have helped lift my spirits; I hope you find one or two things that will help bring you a bit of joy? I’m focusing on supporting local businesses, you can do the same, regardless of where your local is. Oh and they are in random order. I was going to do my 5 favorite things, but I ended up with 7, so two bonus ones, since it’s Christmas, why the hell not?

#1 Have a sweet day!

When I need a little pick me up this time of year, I head to Tony’s for their hot chocolate! It’s my favorite Moncton hot chocolate; it’s thick and creamy and topped with a mini gingerbread person, doing my best to be non-binary.

It’s perfect to kick off a busy Christmas shopping day or decorating day, I highly recommend! Feel free to recommend any hot chocolate places that you think can out do Tony’s, just going to warn you, it’s a tall cup to fill, lol, good luck!!

#2 Alpaca Wool Stuff

I wasn’t really aware of the difference between sheep wool and alpaca wool until, my cousins and I visited Janet and her adorable alpacas at Petitmore Alpacas. And now I am a bit obsessed with warm and cozy alpaca wool stuff!

My cousins and I with our new friends.

Check out Janet’s stuff on her Petitmore Alpacas new and improved website, or even better take a drive to her newly designed shop in Harcourt. Call ahead and follow the Covid rules, obvs.
I have three of her tuques and mittens and I may ask Santa for a pair of socks?

I don’t guarantee that they will know who I am, but tell them I sent you anyway! She will for sure remember if you tell her the crazy cousin gang sent you, lol.

So what makes alpaca wool better than sheep’s wool? It’s something about the fibers being hallow… and I am not really sure why that’s important, but it is, lol, you may want to Google it? I do know that it’s warmer, stays dryer and is softer.

What I love, love, love is that you can see where your hat or other comes from, we literally met and fed the alpacas on her farm and are wearing hats made from their wool that were knitted by Janet. It’s a bit sad that we have become so removed from the things we buy, and by we, I mean me. Not judging the rest of you, I am trying to be a better consumer.

Waiting for it to get cold enough so I can wear my new hats!!

This is my newest alpaca purchase, I got this blanket in St Andrews at Mermaids Tail boutique and it’s sooooo soft and warm! This would make a really, really nice Christmas gift…just saying.

If you can’t make it to Saint Andrews, call Kim, from Mermaids Tail, she can help you shop and ship to you, it’s just like ordering something from Amazon, except you are supporting a local business, which should make you feel even better about your purchase!

#3 Watch or listen to something Christmassy.

My new fav Christmas special is the The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show. Kacey Musgraves is a cool country singer, but not mainstream pop cool, more like alternative retro cool. During the initial Covid lockdown, after I had finished watching everything on Netflix and was working my way through Amazon Prime Video, I happened upon her Christmas special and it’s so awesome!!! It was June, but it was still awesome, lol. I just watched it again and it’s still awesome.

I am adding it to my yearly Christmas movie/show list, it’s right up there with The Holiday and Love Actually.

Her special has a 70’s retro vibe, she almost looks like Cher in a few of the performances. She’s an amazing singer, she has lots of talented guests. Dan Levy, from Schitt’s Creek, is one of her guests, he plays a sassy elf…oh and I love her outfits and set design.
Watch it, it will for sure help you get into the Christmas mood.

#4 Give the gift of self care

Who knew that just staying home would be so stressful? Not having our normal routine and waiting for the daily news briefs to see if our status is changing (in NB we have colours, green to red, we are currently back in the orange zone, booo!) is making a lot of us anxious and it’s making some of us cranky, not naming names.

Self care is more important than ever, so my #4 fav thing is treating yourself or someone you love to a spa treatment.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to most of the spas in my region; I love NAKAI on Mountain Rd and the Usva Spa Nordik on Magnetic Hill is fab! But the one I am calling out as one of my current favs is Namaste Spa in downtown Moncton, they have an Indian Head massage that will make you feel like all warm and mushy when done. Like super mushy, get up slowly or you may fall over.

A friend asked me if it hurt, she had a scalp massage somewhere else and felt like they were pulling her hair. The answer is a big fat NO! It felt amazing.

Your hair gets coated in warm oil so you will look like a grease ball when you leave, so you may want to bring a hat with you? And, I would suggest booking late day or early evening so you can leave the oil in for a bit. I tied my hair up and didn’t wash it till the next day and it felt like silk.

I recommend taking a look at all the treatments available at your favorite place and try something new; switch it up!! And just book it, we always seem to have great intentions, but it’s my experience that if you don’t just do it, you won’t do it at all. Also, if you get any spa gift cards for Christmas, book your treatment as soon as they re-open, make a date, put it in your calendar and go!! None of this having gift cards in your drawer for years bullshit. If someone gave it to you, then you probably look stressed and they want you to chill the f out!! lol, they would never tell this to your face, but I am…you’re welcome! Side note, if anyone asks if I am stressed and would benefit from a spa treatment, tell them hell yes!! lol

#5 Winging It

I am currently going through a wing phase and I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried every wing place in town, so I am not going to pretend to be a wing expert, but I do know that the Igloo, on Elmwood Dr, has super delicious wings. My fav are their honey garlic, you can get the sauce on the side, but I recommend getting the sauce on the wings. If you’re afraid that the sauce will make them mushy, it doesn’t, they’re still crunchy.

Their official wing night is on Wednesdays, but every night can and should be wing night in my mind.

This is obviously not a professional pic, it’s my lunch, yup you can do takeout!

The Igloo will always have a special place in my heart, it was my dads fav place, he knew and teased all the wait staff, they loved him and he loved them. They are just plain good people and they, and all restaurants and pubs, need our support now more than ever! So eat in or take out.

Also, one mini rant that I will be repeating in my next post. Guess who supports local sports teams and local raffles and auctions for Billy and Mary’s school trip or whatever it is? Small, locally owned businesses like pubs and restaurants!!!! The community is always hitting them up for this or that and they have always been super supportive, they now need us to support them, so check them out on social media, share their specials and tag them when you eat there or take out.

Adam Worden the Igloo’s new owner. If you see him, tell him I said hi, he will for sure not know who I am, lol.

#6 Shop Small

By Shop Small, I mean shop local markets and shops. They really do have the coolest stuff. My favs are those that help support and promote Canadian companies.

The Green Pig Country Market is located in Salisbury

I follow The Green Pig on Instagram and they do a great job of posting cool new items. They posted this candle, it’s perfect for gift giving. I bought one as a gift…and one for me, lol. This also proves that social media can help sell your products, it’s an invaluable tool for small businesses.

Other great shops here in Moncton are the Painted Pineapple, Gifts Galore, during the holidays Gifts Galore usually have warm cider for their shoppers. My Home Mercantile and Starving Artist Cafe are also on my regular rotation; side note, I have bought more than one thing from My Home Mercantile after seeing it on their Instagram.

Make a Saturday of it and visit all the cute gift shops in your town. It will for sure get you in a happy festive mood. Oh and if you are boutique/shop hopping in downtown Moncton, stop in at BHome, they have awesome original art and some really cool, unique stuff too, they do all my framing.

This 2020 snowflake is hanging on my tree, I think it sums up 2020 really well, lol. I got this from My Home Mercantile.

These are trying times, I know, I personally love shopping in person and discovering new cool finds, but if you don’t feel safe venturing out, follow local places on social media, order online or order and pick it up.

#7 Cozy Right Picasse Sweatshirts

My lucky number 7 fav things are Chiac and sassy apparel from Dowd Street Studio. I first discovered this company on Instagram, one of my friends in Montreal, Lisa G, posted a few shirts and being from Moncton, home of chiac (a mix of French & English), I knew I needed one.

My Dowd Street collection now includes a t-shirt and two sweatshirts; the sweatshirts are my fav, they feel like they’ve been washed a bunch of times, you know that super soft feeling, that’s how they feel! I also love supporting local woman in business, Dowd Street is one such business. I also love how Moncton women love supporting other women; c’est right cool! 😉

Check out Dowd Street Studio online and follow on Insta, they have great posts.

Those are just a few of my favorite things, I think that I am going to start sharing cool items that I am digging on a monthly basis on my FB and Insta pages, so follow me if you are interested in seeing what I am into, @ oui-liette

So go pick up creamy hot chocolate at Tony’s and drink while you shop at My Home Mercantile, BHome and other local shops. Stop in at the Igloo for lunch or take out for supper. Curl up on your couch in your soft Dowd Street sweatshirt, draped in your alpaca blanket from The Mermaids Tale while you watch Kasey Musgrave’s Christmas Special.

Thank you for reading!! Go out there and support local businesses and don’t be a shitty person.



If you liked this one, you may also like this post from last year, it asks the very important question: is naughty so bad?? It’s very deep! lol

Deck Your Halls

I think it’s safe to say that we are spending more time in our homes than we would have thought humanly possible a mere year ago; making this the year to deck the shit out of our halls and to start said decking as early as possible!!!

We have also never needed holiday cheer, like we need it this year. I hope that this post inspires you to do some major hall decking and guess what? It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make your home feel freaking festive.

Every Christmas I have a different theme, but I don’t go out and buy all new stuff, I craft it up. Last year my theme was A Winter Wonderland.

I had just moved back from Las Vegas to Moncton, but all my belongings, including my Christmas decorations would only be arriving in January. So my friend, Alie, and I sat in my new empty apartment and cut over a hundred paper snowflakes. See the link for last years post at the end of this post; my snowflake chandelier was absolutely beautiful!! Oh and if you are wondering why I bothered decorating an empty apartment, I was hosting our family Christmas Eve Dinner. I rented a huge table and chairs from Bob Lee, here in Moncton; it was my first party in my new place and it was fabulous! lol

Last year’s chandelier, so simple, but so pretty.

My theme this year is a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

Someone asked me what’s with all the flower headbands in a lot of my posts? Honestly I really don’t know? I have a glue gun and they just happen; chances of them stopping are probably pretty slim, Jim! Lol

This tree below was my colour inspiration, lime green and pink. I bought this three years ago and this is the first year that I get to put it up.

I bought it on sale at Pier 1 in Las Vegas after Christmas, it was 75% off the sale price; now did I need a lime green tree??? Well of course I did!! Lol. Fun fact, I thought the lights on it were pink, but turns out they are red when lit. Do I think that they would be way prettier if they were pink? Yes, but I am just going to roll with it… ok I did try painting one light pink, but it still looked red, boo! So now I am rolling with it.

My special project focal point this year is my TV/fireplace area. My TV is too small, it’s crooked and not perfectly centered, so hey, why not draw more attention to it?? Lol

I drafted two of my cousins to help cut some paper holly leaves with me, by drafted, I mean, I invited them over for dinner and didn’t feed them until I had enough leaves, lol. Then I partnered with another cousin, Katelyn, for the finishing touches.

Katelyn made me some super special pink pompom berries. She makes the coolest stuff, check her out on Instagram at: the_pom_co, she also made me a few colourful, funky trees, they are available for sale on her site.

These are her trees, they are a perfect addition with my mini snow-people collection.

Meet Katelyn, another one of my 107 first cousins, jk, she’s one of 101, lol, ok not sure how many we are, just know it’s a lot!

My living and dinning area are one open space so I have hits of green and pink all over the place, to help the flow.

I have two big, real wreaths that smell amazing. My ceilings are crazy high so it was a challenge to make the space feel full and lush and Christmas should always feel full and lush. My tree looked so tiny when I set it up, I had to use my round coffee table as a tree stand. It looked so small and sad sitting on the floor, it needed a bit of a boost.

I added some Holly details to my dining area. My table expands, I suspect I will
pump it up a few notches for our Christmas Eve dinner; you can follow me on Instagram for my Christmas Eve set up, it will probably be a bit over the top since I am working from home and we are on semi lockdown. I will have lots of extra time on my hands…and my glue gun is fully loaded.

I love this white cabinet, I just added a bit of greenery to my mirror and some pink balls. I bought the cabinet in Vegas and spruced it up, here is the transformation. It was very banged up, so I decided to paint it.

For Christmas Eve, if we are allowed to gather, I plan on doing these for each place setting, cute right!

My yearly themes aren’t very costly, last year it was just white paper snowflakes, this year, I picked up a bunch of green construction paper from the dollar store and a few wreaths from my local florist. The pink balls in my wreaths I already had.

Thanks for reading, I think it’s natural to sometimes wonder, what am I doing with my life, in general, and is anyone reading my blog ramblings?? Every time those thoughts run through my head, I will have someone reach out to me randomly and tell me they are using one of my ideas or that they read all my posts. I got a video from one of my readers on Friday that her and her family were making their own snowflake chandelier, it made my weekend! Her husband was ironing the snowflakes that she and her kids, her young adult kids, were cutting, while Christmas music played in the background…it was cute!!!

Since we are all spending more time at home and running out of things to do with our families, buy some craft paper and go crazy!!

Thank you again for reading! I am working on a new blog website that will be easier to navigate, I’ve outgrown this one, so stay tuned!

And finally, be extra kind to each other and throw in a random compliment out there, it’s free. If you think of it, say it out loud. I am going to try to be more mindful of that too.



If you liked this post, here is my easy Mad for Plan Christmas and re-posting my Winter Wonderland Christmas again.

You’ll need the sound on for this and watch till the very end…muah! That’s my fav part. This will be the intro for my YouTube Channel.

Comfort & And Joy! (Entertaining & gift ideas)

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I can’t help but wonder how different this season will be from last year, or the year before, or the year before that? Will we find comfort in cozy clothing and joy in fuzzy slippers? Will our gift giving be more practical and homey? Will there be any big Christmas parties or just small intimate gatherings? How has this past year changed us and how will we celebrate the holidays?

The other day I wore one of my pre-Covid go to outfits and felt like I was highly overdressed; I was wearing, jeans, a blazer and suede boots, so not exactly super fancy. Which made me realize how much our habits have changed in just a few months, a few loooonnnngg ass months!!

Working from home in yoga pants and, if we’re being honest, pajama bottoms, has become the norm, at least a few days a week. Where am I going with this and how does this have anything to do with the upcoming holiday season??

Patience!! I am getting to my point, lol. My point is that I think the trend this season will be comfort over everything else. Can you imagine a scenario that would make you want try to get into any item of clothing that requires squeezing into any form of tight shape wear and uncomfortably high heel shoes? I think those days are gone, maybe forever??

Host a different kind of party

I am embracing this trend by hosting a fake pajama party! Which is a party where you wear your pajamas, but no one sleeps over, lol. No need for sparkly tops or cute dresses, it’s all about comfort…oh and joy.

Here’s why this is a fabulous idea, aside from getting to spend time with my friends, we were wearing pajamas!! Drawstring waistbands, stretchy fabric and slippers, it was so stress free and comfortable.

Great gift ideas!

Here’s a gift idea that I mention every year, buy all your friends/fam the same thing, like our comfy pajama bottoms from the Super Store, omg they are so soft. Keep things simple and double or triple up on the same item.

Last year I gifted a few friends with slippers, they loved them and it was super easy for me. Again, the holidays are stressful, simplify your life by choosing one signature gift!! Try it, you can thank me later.

Time for play!

Another big trend are old school board games. It’s funny how we are so attached to our devices and technology and then, Bam! A global pandemic comes along and all of a sudden we’re playing old school board games and puzzles.

In 2019 had you told me that I would be asking to swap puzzles with others via social media, I would have thought you were insane. And yes that happened, thanks to Debbie and her mom for sharing their puzzles with my mom and aunt.

One more awesome party idea

In lieu of a big Christmas party why not host a small games night? Turns out, unplugging and spending time with friends and family is good for your soul. Here’s why I think this is a great idea for kids, seniors and everyone in between. I started noticing that having to scale back from regular social activities was starting to take a toll on my mother, who loves playing games. So we’ve started a monthly game night.

Here’s how ours works, the first Monday of every month my brother, my fake son, who is my cousin’s son, and I go to my moms for dinner; we do the cooking and play a game. Their spouses are more than welcome to join, but the three of us need to attend. I told them that they are going to need a note from their doctor in order to miss without repercussions, yes, I run a tight ship!!

Our first game night we played scrabble and had such a fun evening. My mom was thrilled to spend time with Serge and Christopher; I am well aware that I am not her favorite, but it’s fine, I am fine…it’s all fine, lol. And I probably should clarify, so they don’t get mad at me, they do visit her, but they aren’t great at small talk so playing a game helps all of us spend quality time together. Side note, Christopher won our first game night…ok he beat the crap out of us, it wasn’t even close.

Please steal this idea and all need to be mindful that all these changes we are going through are perhaps a bit extra hard on our seniors and kids. Add in the holiday season and, ouff, it’s a lot.

Comfort & Joy Gift Guide Highlight

  • Cozy matching pajamas, like the ones shown above
  • Slippers, the freaking fuzzier the better
  • Shop Local, not going to lie, I am really into alpaca wool these days, like these super comfy hats below. I also bought mittens that I can’t wait to wear and other stuff that I can’t mention because I’m gifting them.
  • Board Games – there are so many new games to chose from, but go retro. If you have kids, I think it’s super fun to share games you grew up playing, with them. Board games also make great hostess gifts and less calories than a bottle of wine, lol.
  • Practical Gift – now I am usually not a big fan of practical Christmas gifts, but this isn’t exactly a normal year. And since we are all spending so much time at home, a kitchen gift is perfectly acceptable this year, but I reserve the right to change my view on this for next year, lol.
    • But, and this is an important but, if you are going to do a practical gift you need to put some thought into it and make it extra.
    • I would love to get fancy mixer like this one, but add a cake mix and nice fancy bowls or measuring cups in order to make it extra.

I think that the perfect, home run, practical gift needs to be something you wouldn’t buy yourself or even think to buy yourself. And since we seem to be cooking and baking more these days, try getting something that you and your mate or your fam can use together.

I love this pasta maker idea, add all the ingredients you’ll need and wrap them up. Have them open the flour first; I am sure they will be thinking WTF is going on here, lol.

This year more than any previous holidays, it’s going to be important to share experiences with our loved ones. And sadly some of us won’t be able to physically be with all of our loved ones, so why not plan a virtual cooking date where you are all making the same thing at the same time?

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the most important thing we can give each other is our time and attention. And guess what? That’s free!!

Thank you for reading, I hope this has given you a few ideas that you can incorporate into this holiday season, be kind and stay safe!



If you want a bit more Christmas content, here’s a silly one from last year. A bit of context, I had just moved back to Canada from Las Vegas and my nose was still healing from a little skin cancer scare. Enjoy!

Pre-Halloween Vibing

Halloween 2020 is shaping up to be pretty “special”, first of all, it falls on a Saturday with a full fabulous moon and if that wasn’t exciting enough, the clocks fall back and we gain an extra hour, yup, it’s time to fall back! Oh and we’re also in a global pandemic and everything is basically going to shit, so there’s that.

I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be any big Halloween parties happening this year, but we can still enjoy this time of year in a stay home, smaller groups, kind of way. So let’s spread out out our celebration to the whole week leading up to Oct 31.

Here are a few fun and spooky things to do leading up to Halloween with your bffs, family, or 37 cats; hey I am not here to judge, do you boo!


One of the best ways to get into the Halloween spirit is to watch something scary. But if horror movies aren’t your thing, there are lots of other options, chose your level of scariness. Here are a few of my options.

  • So I watch the original Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis every year and I highly recommend. It’s a true cult classic, filmed in 1978, I love the 70’s vibe, it’s very retro chic.
    Netflix and Thrill or Amazon Prime and…true crime? Ok, having trouble finding something that rhymes with Amazon Prime, lol. But the point is there are so many options, from family friendly cartoons, to the new season of Unsolved Mysteries, to super scary movies!! Leading up to Halloween, watch one a night, preferably right before going to bed, hey live a little, lol.
  • One of my new YouTube favs is called Murder, Mystery and Makeup. It’s kind of like Dateline with a makeup tutorial, lol. My friend Sarah recommended it and it’s addictive. She’s even gotten her husband into watching it with her, so don’t let the makeup part deter you. I usually watch while soaking in the tub. It’s creepy without being scary and you can pick up a few makeup tips.

Check out Bailey Sarian on Youtube

Pumpkin Carving

We usually have a family pumpkin carving and contest after our big Canadian Thanksgiving feast; Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October for my American friends, so your Columbus Day. But because of Covid this year we were on semi lockdown…again, so we weren’t able to all be together, but the good news is that we are now free to mingle a bit more.

This weekend has been busy, but my nephew Jack, our cousin Nicole and I carved out some time to be a little creative; and I do mean little, we won’t be winning any pumpkin carving awards, but we did had fun. Another activity checked off our Halloween bucket list!

Apple of My Eye

My poison apples, delish, but hard to eat.

Ok this is going to be my new pre-Halloween tradition, hey traditions have to start somewhere. It involves two of my fav fall things, picking apples and eating.
There are lots of yummy things you can make with your apples, this year I made candy apples for the first time.

Sugar, corn syrup, apples and food colouring, yup, its that easy.

Our black poison candy apples were super yummy, but man the candy coating is hard on your teeth!! Next year, we’ll make chocolate covered apples or caramel apples. We used our elementary school skills to make them black, blue, red and yellow food colouring = black.

Local Frightful Fun

I don’t care where you live, there are fun and creepy Halloween themed things to do in your area, if you live in a smaller community, you just might need to work a little harder to find something?

We visited a corn maze, at night, a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. The photos below look a little creepy, ok they look really creepy, but it was a beautiful night. It was the day after the full moon so the sky was glowing; October this year is so special, it has two full moons.

This was at the Green Pig Country Market in Salisbury, they do lots of fun things and their market is top notch.

If you want to kick it up a notch try to find a haunted hay ride or haunted house.

Play Dress Up

I think it’s safe to say that their won’t be any big parties this year, but no need to worry, just call up your bff, make dinner, drink a bit of tequila, crank the tunes and add a bit of makeup…ok, maybe add a lot of makeup.

I sent Alie a text saying, want to come over and get made up as skeletons? Her response was: yup! No questions or hesitations; and that’s why we are friends.

It’s been my experience that getting ready for a party can sometimes be more fun than the actual party. So this year we just did the getting ready part without having a party to go to. We just dropped in to see a few people, yup dresses like skeletons!! We had so much fun.

Covid has changed so much for all of us, doing « normal » things, maybe a bit challenging so let’s do our best to make things as interesting and fun as possible this last week before Halloween.

Have a safe, healthy and interesting Pre-Halloween week!

And in case you missed my post on celebrating Halloween during Covid, here it is again:



FYI, I’ll be going to St Andrews, NB for Halloween weekend, apparently The Algonquin is haunted, follow me on Instagram at: oui-liette for my Halloween weekend shenanigans!

Even made up like a skeleton, I ended up looking like a cat in some pics. Meow!

Things that, it turns out, I no longer need, in 2020 and annoying or odd things that I really miss!

Things that, it turns out, I no longer need in 2020 and annoying or odd things that I really miss!

As I mentioned in one my previous post, 2020 will go down as the year that all our plans, some hopes and dreams, died a lonely death!! Yes, I’m feeling a bit dramatic at the moment, I’m hoping this post will help get it out of my system, wish me luck.

I noticed the other day that there are things that were part of my daily life that have now become useless and just, meh, plain pointless. And on the flip side, there are things that used to annoy me that I now really miss. Here are my lists, let me know if you have any good ones to add.

Things I apparently no longer need

#1. High Heels of any kind (if you’re a straight man reading, feel free to skip this section and go directly to #2, lol)

I just bought a new pair of bootleg/bell bottom ish jeans. They’re really long on me, which is odd, because my legs are pretty long. I’ve never had to get any of my jeans hemmed…like ever; but these are loooong.
They’re obviously meant to be worn with a high heel shoe or boot. Lucky for me, I have a closet full of both.
The first day I wore my sassy new jeans, it was a cool fall day, paired with a black suede bootie with a nice chunky high heel. Oh and I wore them with my new black sweater, in case you were wondering, but the sweater has nothing to do with the point I’m trying to make, so I’ll just move on… but I did want you to have an accurate overview of my whole outfit, lol.
So these booties, or my go to, perfect boot of 2019, used to be super comfortable, but something’s gone really wrong. I think all this social distancing may have affected my feet, because they now hurt my feet; they even gave me a blister after wearing them for a short while. WTF??!!

The second time I wore my new jeans I paired them with an orange and nude, high heel, shoe with an ankle strap; they’re super funky! 2019 me would have worn these shoes on a trade show day, when I would have been standing in our booth for 6 to 8 hours on a cement floor with a thin layer of carpet. 2019 me, would have rocked those orange shoes and my feet would have cooperated and looked cute. But 2020 me ended up taking them off after a short trip to Sobey’s for groceries. 2020 me was seriously wondering why the hell I was wearing fancy jeans, let alone funky shoes, to do groceries?
This was the moment I realized that things have changed and these changes may last forever? I feel like once you go flat you may never be able to go back??

#2. Suitcases

My high heel revelation got me wondering if there are other items that used to be super important in my life, that Covid has ruined for me? Turns out, there are, like suitcases.

2019 me always had one suitcase on the go at all times and sometimes I even had two. I’ve packed for two different consecutive trips at the same time more than once. I’ve already gotten home from one trip, drop off one suitcase and left the next day for another trip with my second pre-packed suitcase.

I have two medium/large pink suitcases, one small white carry on, a bright purple carry on and a huge black suitcase that could fit a small human being in it. 2019 me always had an open suitcase on my floor, that was either getting emptied or filled up. 2020 me has zero use for any of them!
They’re just lined up in my walk in closet looking sad and pitiful. One of my hot pink ones is being used to store extra toilet paper, which is so 2020.
Every once in awhile I open my closet and stare at them and remember the hustle and bustle of my 2019 life.

My big move from Vegas back to Canada required all my suitcases.

#3. Lipstick

This one I am not ready to say good bye to, but really what’s the point when wearing a mask?

I was raised by an Acadian mother who would say to me before I left the house almost daily: “ben Liette, n’oublie pas ton rouge a lèvres». Which translates to; don’t embarrass and shame the family by leaving the house without lipstick. Sooo that may not be the exact translation, but it’s def the underlying sentiment, lol. It does explain a lot about my obsession with lipstick.
Covid has not changed my love of lipstick, but it has led to everyone of my new face masks being permanently stained on the inside with the prettiest shades of reds and pinks. Yes I always have freshly painted lips under my mask, which is useless, I know, but I can’t kick the habit.
Is lipstick in 2020 just a waste of time?? I am starting to question the meaning of life! Too dramatic?? Too far? Ok, I can dial it back a tiny bit.

My current, Covid fall season fav. FYI this colour stains, all my masks have this shade in them.

These next things used to annoy me, pre-Covid, but now I really, really miss!

#1. Airports

Anyone who travels a lot gets to a point where they hate airports; they’re too busy and crowded with cranky people, the food sucks, the seats are uncomfortable, flights are often delayed…

I’ve realized that I did a lot of thinking and problem solving while in the friendly skies. I also liked to take pics of the clouds…ah the good old days!

You’d think that one of the perks of being grounded at home would be a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle that comes with flying and spending hours in airports? You would think, but apparently not.
The other day I found myself daydreaming about being at a gate waiting for a flight. I realized that I have, or should I say had, an airport routine. And I guess I’m missing my regular routines, even the ones that I used to complaint about, like waiting at my gate to board my flight.

I found this pic on my phone, I think it captures my, I’m ready for adventure vibe!

Turns out I liked knowing my way around all the big and smaller airports, it made me feel worldly; I had my favorite snack spots, I would browse the shops then, if time permitted, I’d go to the Maple Leaf lounge to get a few freebies, like the newest edition of House and Home mag, before making my way to my gate where I would organize what I would need on the flight in my big ass travel purse and what wasn’t needed would go in my bag that would go in the overhead compartment. I didn’t even realize that I had an airport/gate routine, but I did and I had it down to a science and now I miss it!

#2. Sampling cosmetics

So there is nothing annoying about shopping for cosmetics, I love it! But I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it until I was told I couldn’t do it anymore. Sure I can still shop for stuff, but it’s not like it was before.
This may sound silly, but I’ve noticed that when I was bored or feeling blue, I’d make my way to Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart and just wander the aisles testing new products. Mental health wise, I think it was a mini escape from whatever was weighing me down. I could spend 45 min to an hour trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick or the sharpest liquid eyeliner tip.
But gone are the samples, no more using your inner wrist to compare different lipstick shades. It probably sounds dumb, it sounds kinda dumb to me as I write this, but not being able to play with the samples has taken all the fun out of the cosmetic counter for me and gone is my go to stress reliever and that is annoying to me!!

So unlike most of my posts, that have a positive vibe or twist to them, this one is more of a pity party and for that I apologize. But if I am feeling like this, I assume that others are feeling a bit off and annoyed too? Have you ever gotten annoyed with yourself for being annoying?? Anyone? Lol

Tomorrow is a new day, I may put my fancy jeans back on with another pair of heels and make my way to Shoppers, where I’ll try to get lost in all the pretty colours and packaging, hopefully sans new blisters!

Stay safe and stay sane friends!!!


Get used to seeing me in a hat, with the salons closed again, they’ll serve to keep me warm and hide my roots!!